One River, River Runs Dry, Canyon Lake Inflow 0 cfs.
The storied Guadalupe River in Central Texas is running dry leaving behind a mess of dead fish and terrestrial animals alike. Thoughtless human development upstream and industrial punctuated withdrawals along with an extended period of drought are certainly to blame. Impervious cover issues and lack of support for true "green" building and the insistence on water hungry, non-indigenous, monocultured landscapes have resulted in the over pumping of fresh water from the underground aquifers in central Texas as have the industrial withdrawals used by cement production, road building, and industrial farming just to name a few. It leads one to think we might should consider begging some hard questions and collectively assuming responsibility while actively tightening our belts and proactively looking for and implementing solutions before our drinking water supply is threatened. It's is a classic modern day free for all with drastic consequences looming.
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