Brooklyn New York
A artist from Texas meets a couple of great artists in Brooklyn NY and shoots the scenery along the way.
Brooklyn this Spring
Along the path less traveled a photographer meets great new friends and becomes a better person. 
I was contacted by a long time client in Dec. of 2011 to photograph the largest rooftop solar array in the US located in Cranbury New Jersey with a March 2012 deadline. The nature of natural light location shooting left me once again scrambling for a place to stay a week before the shoot I contacted several listings on Airbnb ( a really great portal for over night room rentals) for a room to rent. I had figured out that I wanted to stay in Brooklyn so I narrowed my search. Little did I know I was going to meet not only good people but a couple of true soul mates who helped aclimate me and send me in several different perfectly envisioned directions. Along with another Behance portfolio 

below are a few other scenes I found along the way. 

As cliche as it sounds I absolutely fell in love with the subway. It is a true testament to what americans can accomplish with very little oil industry help. I could not believe how kind people were to me at so many points along the way. Now I can honestly say  I too love NY or at the very least Brooklyn, it's culture, the vibrant art scene, the youthful, can do energy I encountered at every turn and most of all the kindness that so many New Yorkers extended to me. 
I am the most thankful for my incredible hosts who "let me in" and showed me a Brooklyn rarely seen by the millions of folks that visit NY every year. Progressive, smart art from the heart, happy but non-content with the status quo of todays wasteful and unsustainable American industries. A true red blooded american mixing pot actively concocting a new and better place for all of us to live and thrive. 

George and Athena I can can only begin to put into words... 

Thank you!
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